Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to measure the coating of carbide tool?

The carbide tool is made of mixing Cobalt with Tungsten Carbide(WC).

To improve the quality, it will be coated with either Titanium Nitride(TiN), Titanium Carbon(TiC), Aluminum Nitride(AlN), or Diamond Like Carbon(DLC).

Normally, measuring the thermal property of these coatings were very difficult.
However, they could be evaluated with our Thermal Microscope(TM3).

The above picture is an example of evaluating the coating of a Carbide tool.
We scan the coating region and substrate region in a line.

The features of TM3 are:
1. TM3 could evaluate with a spatial resolution of 3um.
2. The thermal conductivity of coating on a substrate could be evaluated.
3. TM3 could evaluate the sample from out-of-plane orientation as well.
4. Tm3 could evaluate the thermal conductivity of thin films(100nm - ).

As conclusion, TM3 could
1. Measure the thermal conductivity of coatings.
2. Evaluate the intermediate region between coating and substrate.

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