Monday, December 13, 2010

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) for heat sink?

Did you know Aluminum Nitride is well used for "heat sink?"

Aluminum Nitride(AlN) is a good insulator but high in thermal conductivity.
It is very popular for using as "heat sink."

It is also used for PCB boards as well from the same reason.

For high heating energy sources, such as power electric devices or LEDs, AlN plays a big role.

Do you know how Aluminum Nitride is made?

AlN is made by sintering.
The thermal characteristic of AlN is differed by how they were sintered.

These days, the sintering technology for AlN has been drastically advanced.
The thermal conductivity of AlN has been improved very much.

It is very significant to control the process of sintering, however, it is a critical issue for the manufacturer to monitor the distribution of thermal conductivity within the product.

But ordinal methods could NOT evaluate the distribution of AlN in details.

Thermal Microscope (TM3) has a spatial resolution of 3um and able to evaluate the distribution of thermal conductivity of the samples in 2D.

The following is the result of AlN which was measured with TM3.

Aluminum Nitride (AlN): 282 W/mK

We also noticed that the thermal conductivity varies within the sample.
It had a range of 219 to 318 W/mK

For details, please take a look at
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 116[12] 1260-1264 2008

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